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BMW Club & Community Management Live Event

  • 25 Mar 2022
  • 25 Nov 2022
  • 9 sessions
  • 25 Mar 2022, 20:00 20:30 (AEDT)
  • 29 Apr 2022, 20:00 20:30 (AEST)
  • 27 May 2022, 18:00 18:30 (AEST)
  • 24 Jun 2022, 18:00 18:30 (AEST)
  • 29 Jul 2022, 18:00 18:30 (AEST)
  • 26 Aug 2022, 18:00 18:30 (AEST)
  • 30 Sep 2022, 18:00 18:30 (AEST)
  • 28 Oct 2022, 20:00 20:30 (AEDT)
  • 25 Nov 2022, 20:00 20:30 (AEDT)
  • Online Webcast

BMW Club & Community Management Live Event

BCCM Live is held on the last Friday each month from BMW Munich at 1000 Central European Time or:

  • 1830 CST South Australia
  • 1600 WST Western Australia
Session times have been adjusted for German Daylight Saving Time (May - Sep). 

Share this event with your Club Members.  These webcasts are very informative, in English, and only run for 30 minutes.

You will need to download or use the browser version of Microsoft Teams (free) to participate, so allow 10 minutes to set up if you do not have MS Teams.

Click the link to join BCCM Live 2022.

How does it work?
BCCM have set up a MS Teams Meeting.  In order to have the best possible quality, we ask you to deactivate your camera and also mute your microphones. There will be time for Q&A during the meeting and you can send your questions via chat.

What will the sessions be about?
We want to keep it casual. It´s just us members of the BCCM that will give you updates on news from the network, the BMW Group and other things that are keeping us busy. There will be also a chance for you asking questions.

Further information about the content will follow prior to the session within a reminder.

We will keep it simple: No studio, spectacular camera angles or sophisticated graphics.  As the format is still pretty new, we kindly ask for your understanding in case something should not work 100%. There will be always room for improvement and we also want to learn in every session what is most relevant for you.

We are pretty sure, we will have a good time at both events.
Looking forward to a lot of you joining soon.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

BMW Club and Community Management Team

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